1. Church World Service

    28606 Phillips Street

  2. P.O. Box 968

    Elkhart, IN  46515

  3. 800-297-1516


  5. CWS's work began in 1946, in the aftermath of the Second World War, with a mission to feed the hungry and help those in need.  They have a commitment at CWS to serve the most vulnerable in our world today. From its earliest beginnings, CWS focused on providing assistance and resettlement services to those displaced by violence and discrimination. Today, they use their expertise in refugee resettlement to assist thousands of refugees on the road to beginning a new life in the United States. We also serve refugees where they are, helping them find safety in both urban and camp locations around the world.


     CWS believes that one of the greatest things we can do is to help those people find a home again, whether that is through resettlement to another country, helping them find legal status where they are or helping them to feel safe in their communities. CWS sees each day 

     the resilience and courage displayed by refugees and immigrants. These are families who have survived war, violence, persecution, torture and often decades living in camps. They continue to inspire their work as they strive to help them realize their own dreams. 


    The cycle of poverty can end. Empowering vulnerable women, men and children to grow their own potential is key. CWS works with communities to identify their various needs and accompany them as they craft and maintain sustainable, local solutions. While a CWS

    program may be classified as ‘food security,’ the overall focus is much broader than one particular issue.


    More recently, CWS was one of the founding members of a global partnership of faith-based humanitarian agencies, ACT Alliance, with members in 140 countries. With 130 member organizations, ACT Alliance provides a dynamic environment for collaboration in

    responding to human needs around the world. By working together agencies can maximize their impact.