1. 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064   844-804-2985 (toll free)

Founded in August 2003, the New Community Project is a small nonprofit organization with a big goal: to change the world. Toward this end, we provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, and a community that gives us hope. Our focus is environmental sustainability and social justice, both of which are essential for a peaceful human community.

NCP was begun out of the interest and support of people from across the US, and continues to attract people from across the age spectrum and with a broad array of perspectives. Our approach is somewhat unique: While some groups try to affect the government or focus on doing good for our neighbors, we invite our network to make changes in themselves and their communities, and then move out from there.

With its headquarters (the director's home office) in Peoria, AZ, some of the main features of NCP work include:

  • a network of some 11,000 people in the US and beyond;
  • program partners in Nepal, Myanmar, South Sudan, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Gwich'in of Northeast Alaska (including Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, and secular partner organizations);
  • sponsorship of Learning Tours to four continents;
  • support for girls' education, women's development, and reforestation and rainforest preservation through its special funds;
  • a wide variety of print and web-based resources;

NCP has a special interest in connecting with youth and young adults, offering speakers at schools and colleges, a Solidarity Workers program for overseas involvement, seats on our Advisory Board for a youth and young adult member, and the opportunity for apprenticeships.

NCP is not directly affiliated with any larger institution or agency, but works collaboratively with various local, regional and national groups, both religious and secular. NCP receives the majority of its financial support from individual contributions, along with service fees and grants from congregations or other institutions.