1. 813 S. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601     574-282-8700


1. Break the cycle of homelessness.

​2. Bring people together to discover the worth, dignity, & potential of one another.

3. Pioneer a service model worthy of replication.

​   Because of the depth and severity of homelessness, no less than a focused and concerted effort can bring lasting change to the our guests.   A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Emergency Shelter    Transitional Housing     Offsite Housing      Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran’s Center

Adult Self-Sufficiency Training:  Job Training & Education    Center (JTEC)     Coaching

Children's Support & Development Services:  Youth Enrichment     Early Childhood Intervention

                              Upon arrival, guests receive a personal coach, necessary hygiene and clothing items, programming and additional counseling services

Mental Health Counseling




  1. 432 S. Lafayette Blvd., P.O. Box 4488, South Bend, IN 46634-4488

  2. 574-235-4150

  3. MISSION:  Hope’s mission is to engage people in intensive relationships, help them heal, and foster long-term relationships to help them transform and thrive.

  4. Our Vision:  The key to understanding Hope's vision is to understand our view of the root cause of chronic patterns of unhealthy choices. That cause is pain. Not physical pain, but rather the deep hurt, emptiness, regret and grief caused by traumatic experiences and environments of people’s pasts. Almost every resident at Hope has deep unhealed wounds in his or her heart. We find over and over again that the pain of these wounds is the root cause of addiction, anger, broken relationships, depression, and the vast majority of the bad choices that people make.

  5.     Hope's vision, therefore, is to create a community in which hurting people find healing. We know that without healing, their thinking and the choices they make will not change. And unless their thinking and choices are transformed, they will never be able to thrive in life.