1. Northern Indiana District Office

  2. 301 Mack Drive; Suite A

  3. Nappanee, IN  46550

  4. 574-773-3149



   Every member and every church is the district.  The district is the collected membership of all its congregations.  The N IN District is the 9th largest of the 23 districts nationwide of the Church of the Brethren.  Including 6,000 members from 46 member congregations.  Some 50-60 individual members have been called into some form of volunteeer leadership -- Resource Center, Communications, Youth Ministry, Ministry Credentialing and Pastoral Placement, Shalom Team, Disaster Response, Prayer and Consulting.

   The main purpose of the district is to provide support and organization to member churches.  The district provides a voice to the church of Northern Indiana in the denomination, commicates with and among churches, resources local church ministries when asked, and gives appropriate guidance and counsel when congregations face difficult questions or situations. District ministries are funded almost entirely by the contributions of the member congregations.

   More information can be found at the website above.


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