New Community Project

117 Nature Road

Blue Ridge, VA  24064                                      

Special offering - September 2021

   Launched in August 2003, the New Community Project is a small nonprofit organization with a big goal: to change the world. We provide resources that challenge us, experiences that change us, and a community that gives us hope. Our focus is environmental sustainability and social justice, both of which are essential for a peaceful human community. NCP considers the spiritual dimension of our lives to be important, and seeks to bring about deep inner change in our personal and societal values. However, we welcome and work with anyone who shares our commitment to a world of peace and justice and sustainability.

    We have partnerships around the world, but a primary focus is the USA, where we have a national network of some 11,000 people. There are Sustainable Living Centers in Vermont (coordinator Pete Antos-Ketcham) and Virginia (coordinator Tom Benevento), which put our ideals into action and host visitors, volunteers and interns. And director David Radcliff speaks regularly around the country in schools, colleges, community gatherings and congregations.

    Our partnerships are with grassroots groups in East and Southern Africa (South Sudan, Rwanda, Zambia, the Congo and Malawi); Nepal and Myanmar in South Asia; the Dominican Republic; and native communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Alaska and the Dine Reservation in New Mexico.