Worship is celebration. It’s an opportunity to raise our hearts and voices in praise and thanksgiving. It’s the time to be reminded of Easter, the empty tomb, and the celebration of eternal life. It’s a time of awe and wonder as we ponder the mystery of a God who seeks us, who wants to be in relationship with us, and loves us beyond our imagination.

Crest Manor Church of the Brethren uses a more traditional worship model, but it is filled with music that is from traditional and contemporary. We use drama, reader’s theatre, video projection and PowerPoint to allow an experience that fills both the hearing and the seeing. Our worship services are relaxed and open to the leading of the Spirit in the midst of it all.

We welcome any and all who want to participate in leadership or in the musical aspects of our worship experience. We have a choir, multiple bell choirs for children, praise music, and special music opportunities for those so inclined.

Our services are “come as you are!” This means we welcome you as you are right now. You don’t have to somehow be “different” or “better”.....we welcome you as you are right now.

It also means that you are welcomed here in shorts and a tee-shirt, or a shirt and tie.

So, come share in our celebration every Sunday as we bask in God’s love and celebrate what it means to be both forgiven and accepted fully.