February 18, 2024 Worship 10:30 AM

February 18th “Completely Different” Service

 Any of you who grew up as fans of the British Comedy show, Monty Python, are familiar with their famous tagline, “And now for something completely different.” On February 18th we will try something “completely different.” In place of a traditional sermon, we launch into the Lenten season with a small panel discussion of an intriguing text of Scripture found in Genesis 32:22-33:11. While I call this something different, it actually represents something fully in line with Anabaptist-Pietist tradition, where study and reading of Scripture occurs in a communal setting. It should be insightful, creative, and thought-provoking. If you have time read the Scripture in advance, it would prepare you for the discussion.



Sunday Schedule

9:00 am  Guide to Biblical Studies – Zoom

9:30 am  Melting Pot – In-person

3:00 pm  Discussion Group, Sundays at 3:00 pm on Zoom, is now discussing Joy Unspeakeable:  Contemplative Practices of the Black Church, Black Church, by Barbara Holmes.  All are warmly welcomed.