Our Mission

The Crest Manor Church of the Brethren has a long history of vital ministries in the South Bend community, and continues today to have ties with many of the inner city ministries that address the needs of South Bend.

Crest Manor Church of the Brethren today continues to do as its mission statement says: “…continuing the work of Jesus simply, peacefully, together…” It is a family-oriented committed community of people striving to extend the love and compassion of God to all it encounters. Crest Manor Church of the Brethren strives to seek where the Spirit is leading and find ways to create and maintain vital ministries.

Pastor's Blog: #505 Repurposed

Change does not mean the former was wrong!

What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb—
what if it is the darkness of the womb?
-Valerie Kaur, Sikh activist

When we moved 13 years ago, to an old house with a number of big old trees, I built a compost bin out of repurposed concrete blocks, amply spaced for air circulation.  They came from our son’s farm where he was removing an obsolete milk-tank room in a barn.  The bin has helped to repurpose leaves into tons of compost over the years, until one of the massive trees crushed it a year ago.

Some of the massive Studebaker buildings in South Bend, have been repurposed.   Historically, resourceful Brethren, women and men, have excelled at repurposing things, great and small.  Most of us have a repurposing story or two.

Crest Manor faces an opportunity to repurpose itself, as a faith community.   Let’s not be distracted by thoughts of repurposing the building.  That may or may not be considered down the road.  For now, we are called to stay laser focused on repurposing the congregation!   That means repurposing us!   The new vision, and proposed structure, are all about repurposing who we are, and what we do.

The repurposing image addresses one point which has often become a stumbling block when congregations face change:   Change does not mean the former was wrong.  The former was right for that time, like the Studebaker buildings were.  But that time is past.  Something new is needed.

In preparation for the Proposed Structure presentation this Sunday, please prayerfully review our Mission and Summary Vision Statements.             -Gary Martin

Mission Statement

As a Christian community and part of the family of God,
we reach out to welcome all people
and extend God’s love by continuing the
liberating work of Jesus peacefully, simply, together.

Vision Statement Summary, 2023-2024

Trusting God’s grace and the Spirit’s leading each day, the Crest Manor congregation                                           

    Embraces God’s transforming presence to deepen our spiritual lives;

    Welcomes, includes, and connects all people, building friendships and valuing each person’s gifts;

    Extends a shalom presence, shaped by our Anabaptist/Pietist understanding of the Gospel, in our local and global neighborhoods.




While we are part of a larger denomination, each individual Church of the Brethren brings its own flavor to all things Brethren. This means no two congregations are quite alike. Some are more traditional, while others are more contemporary and, while each may be different, we recognize that together we make up a small portion of the greater body of Christ.

Affiliates and other supported groups

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Elgin, IL 60120


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301 Mack Drive, Suite A

Nappanee, IN 46550


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North Manchester, IN 46962

260-982-2118 – 866-982-2118

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